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Alternative Therapies & Spa is fortunate to have an acupuncturist that is highly trained to provide traditional acupuncture that is diagnostic, healing, and homeostatic based.

No other place around offers the unique Asian Bodyworks from China such as Tui Na, Fire Cupping, Qi Healing Treatments delivered by an expert acupuncturist. Also providing traditional acupuncture for complete healing.

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“I decided to try acupuncture after exhausting every other traditional medical approach to controlling a chronic issue. I’m absolutely amazed at how effective it’s been. I was previously on 5 medications per day and I’m down to 1. Truly life-changing. Melanie is awesome!!” – Dominic L

Comprehensive Acupuncture Treatment

An in-depth evaluation consisting of review of medical history, body systems, the previous diagnosis followed by a detailed examination by the acupuncturist who will provide you with a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.  Treatment with herbal prescriptions and plan of care included.  $110/90 min

Evaluation and Acupuncture Treatment

A shorter version reviewing previous diagnosis, medical history, but a detailed examination with a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.  If time permits, a treatment with herbal prescriptions and plan of care will be included.  $85/60 min

Wellness Consultations

A face-to-face wellness overview with an acupuncturist to discuss any health concerns you may have.  Review of medical tests/results to guide you towards achieving healthier body systems.  No direct treatment will be provided. However, a plan of care, herbal, and nutritional supplement recommendations may be suggested as time allows.   $45/30 min

Fire Cupping 

A detoxification method using Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Fire Cupping causes a vacuum on the skin to dispel stagnation of the blood and the lymph thereby improving Qi flow. Excellent for the common cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, cellulite, nausea, and pain control.
$55/30 min.   $80/60 min.    


A detoxification treatment, using herbal cones called “mugwort”,  burned over meridian and oshi points that relieve toxins, strengthen the blood, digestive system, and the immune system while stimulating the flow of Qi.  No scarring or blistering; only temporary redness, which is normal due to increased bloodflow.  
   $45/30 min.

Qi Healing Session 

An intensive, shamanic healing treatment, consisting of light touch energy treatment that works to improve the energy source of the body.  It is stimulated by the meridian pathways but no actual touch is done; it is truly an energy work.  Silent prayers are given at the beginning, and blessings at the end of each treatment.     
$55/30 min.   $80/60 min.

Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture) using Herbal Seeds

A healing practice dating back to the third century wherein the practitioner uses small herbal seeds(excellent for treating children) placed at acupuncture points on the outer ear that correspond to specific parts of the human body. This technique is a particularly effective treatment for many conditions, including addictions, mood disorders, obesity, pain, and musculo-skeletal and central nervous system disorders.
 $55/30 min, $80/60 min

Tui Na

A technique similar to massage that stimulates the medians, facilitating the flow of Qi, and use of acupressure along with gliding, clasping, chopping, rolling, and gentle pulling the muscular skeletal tissues for enhancing your relaxation experience.  Excellent for many health conditions and can be added to other acupuncture treatments to enhance your experience while improving your health conditions.  $55/30 min.  $80/60 min.
$105/90 min.

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment

For acupuncture treatment only.
$55/30 min, $85/60 min Good for multiple body or chronic conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Treatment

A rejuvenating facial done with many acupuncture needles to the face and body for anchoring the Qi Healing and the use of Tui Na massage techniques to the face and scalp to improve skin tone, complexion, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. An excellent anti-aging treatment for building collagen to the face and jaw lines completed with a collagen face- mask and lotion application.  $120/90 min

Combination Treatment with Acupuncturist

Combination treatment involving Fire Cupping, QI Healing and follow up acupuncture for overall healing.
$95/60 min

Note: this session is for more complex and chronic conditions. The acupuncturist will help you decide which is best for your treatment.

 Consultations with the Acupuncturist

Sit down with the acupuncturist to talk about any health issues, further treatment planning, herbal or nutritional supplementation, meditational practices and health instructions you can use at home to supplement and participate in your ongoing treatments.
$45/30 min

Dry Needling

Using acupuncture needles for pain, mechanical restrictions, and tissue healing performed on trigger point, spinal points, and pain points to all areas of body, head, and spine; Great for chronic pain, migraine headache, TMJ, scar tissue releases, back and neck pain, and more.   Dry needling requires a Doctor’s script and performed by a physical therapist, as cash service only.

Flex Spending Account accepted for Acupuncture and Dry needling.

For information on packages for Infertility, Immune Booster and Anti-Stress please contact our Acupuncturists at 540-388-6989

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