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Rejuvenate and Detox


Essential Oils are widely used by many different cultures for healing. Alternative Therapies & Spa promotes health and wellness with each service, however, a Health and Wellness Scan is available to identify individual biomarkers for optimal recovery.

Our lymphatic system aids the body in eliminating waste by-products through delicate lymph vessels which can run beneath the skin. A very gentle application of essential oils has been known to improve flow, leading the way to better health, vitality and rejuvenation.

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Essential Oil Detox with Stress Relief Treatment

Blended essential oils applied to the back and feet for detoxification, cleansing, and building the immune system.
$55/45 min

Health and Wellness Scan

A systematic review that detects biomarkers which show the essential oils that are best suited for improving health and wellness. Consultation and custom blending included.  (Oils sold separately) $55/45 min

Combo Health and Wellness Scan plus Essential Oil Detox with Stress Relief Treatment  

$95/90 min


An energy release massage technique from Japan; using light touch of hands to improve the force of energy that helps your immune system, mood, and happiness.  Fully clothed, comfortable clothing recommended.

$55/60 min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Very gentle lymph massage targeted to decrease edema in areas of the body such as the arms, chest, or legs.  Certified lymphatic massage therapist will perform this treatment, which is recommended for post-surgical, post-rehab, as well as maintenance therapy after cancer and lymphatic drainage issues.
$85/60 min

Essential Oil Foot Bath

An excellent way to relieve tension and renew the spirit with an essential oil bath designed for your individual needs.  Nerve pain, relaxation/stress, inflammation, and detoxification blends are available.
$25/20 min  

Facial Rejuvenation

A rejuvenating facial done with acupressure facial, Tui Na, and special needles for collagen building by an acupuncturist, followed by a soothing collagen facial mask and lotion application.

$120/90 min

Wellness Consultations

A face-to-face wellness overview with an acupuncturist to discuss any health concerns you may have.  Review of medical tests/ results to guide you towards achieving healthier body systems.  No direct treatment will be provided, however, a plan of care, herbal, and nutritional supplement recommendations maybe suggested as time allows.
$45/30 min

Fire Cupping 

A detoxification method using Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Fire Cupping causes a vacuum on the skin to dispel stagnation of the blood and the lymph thereby improving Qi flow. Excellent for the common cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, cellulite, nausea, and pain control.
$35/15 min.  $55/30 min.
$80/60 min.   


A detoxification treatment, using herbal cones called “mugwort”,  burned over meridian and oshi points that relieve toxins, strengthen the blood, digestive system, and the immune system while stimulating the flow of Qi.  No scarring or blistering; only temporary redness, which is normal due to increased blood.    
$25/15 min.       $45/30 min.

Qi Healing Session 

An intensive, shamanic healing treatment, consisting of light touch energy treatment that works to improve the energy source of the body.  It is stimulated by the meridian pathways but no actual touch is done; it is truly an energy work.  Silent prayers are given at the beginning, and blessings at the end of each treatment.     
$55/30 min.   $80/60 min.